July CONA meeting: Hospital Site Redevelopment

The meeting will be held using Zoom; contact CONA for the link.


  • Call to order – 7:00 PM
  • Zoom meeting procedures
  • Approval of minutes and treasurer’s report
  • Presentations by the speakers
  • Questions and answers
  • Neighborhood announcements and issues
  • Adjournment – 8:00 PM

This month, the CONA meeting will focus on the developing plans for hospital site re-use. Current information on the site is on hospital site redevelopment website – https://bloomingtonhospitalsite.com

Two members of the Hospital Site Redevelopment Design and Planning Team – Mary Krupinski, a local architect, and Josh Scism from Core Planning Strategies will talk about the state of the current planning. (Additional members of the team can be found at https://bloomingtonhospitalsite.com/about/).

In addition, Richard Lewis from the Hopewell Group, a local organization active in discussing issues related to the hospital re-use, will present some of the ideas that have been motivated by the Hopewell Group discussions.

We expect that Mary, Josh, and Richard will speak about 5-10 minutes so plenty of time will be available for questions and answers.

Many questions were asked at the first Public Forum that was held on June 16. The questions and answers are also available on the website – https://bloomingtonhospitalsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Forum-1_Comments-and-Questions-6_16_2020.pdf.

It’s likely some issues are further in the planning process, so it’s acceptable to ask the questions again along with many new questions. If you send me questions before the meeting, I will distribute them to the speakers.

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